Picture of Zabi Babar


Fullstack Software Engineer
Founder / Organizer of Tampa Volunteers


I am a Software Engineer at SquareTrade, Inc. I work in the co-branding team and I have lead several projects to completion, namely, Telenor, Softbank, Walmart, and Staples. I work in a critical part of codebase to refactor and scale the project to support different merchants and their specific branding needs. I also mentor junior developers by teaching Angular concepts, reviewing code, and providing feedback.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing sports. I am a member of a local running club. I play soccer and tennis regularly. I also play Trivia with my friends on a weekly basis.

Moreover, I give back to the community via volunteering. I organize a Meetup group called Tampa Volunteers to share non-profit organizations I volunteer at with other members of the community. I hold 3-4 monthly events and I coordinate between the event organizers and local volunteers.

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