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Fullstack Software Engineer
Founder / Organizer of Tampa Volunteers


Software Engineer

SquareTrade, Inc.

  • Worked on the website team to streamline the co-branding process for Softbank, Telenor and other merchants.
  • Refactored the codebase to avoid making new changes for each new merchant added.
  • Bridged the gap between design and frontend team by being a point of contact for the design team.
  • Mentored junior developers by teaching Angular concepts, reviewing code, and providing feedback.

Tampa, FL (Remote) | Feb 2022 - Feb 2023
Fullstack Software Engineer

GreenLight IoT

  • Worked in a small startup to create dashboards for IoT deployments and IoT building management.
  • Improved the number of requests on app load by 90% by only fetching the data/state when needed and efficiently using NgRx and router guards in Angular.
  • Created REST API endpoints for different applications using Nestjs, MondoDB, and AWS S3.
  • Created reusable components for toasts, modals, forms, dialogs to create a consistent design.
  • Encouraged developers to write smaller, cleaner and reusable code by writing such code. The number of components increased by 3x for the same business logic after refactoring the codebase into a scalable and deterministic folder structure.
  • Created dashboard designs in Figma and implemented them in Angular.
  • Integrated linting and testing into CI/CD pipeline to homogenize and test the code before pushing

Tampa, FL (Remote) | Sep 2020 - Feb 2022

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