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Fullstack Software Engineer
Founder / Organizer of Tampa Volunteers


Software Engineer

SquareTrade, Inc.

  • Worked within a globally distributed scrum team to streamline the co-branding process by using a combination of Strategy and Factory pattern to make the code scalable and to brand new merchants with no extra code changes.
  • Successfully architected and implemented a comprehensive multilingual system, increasing global accessibility and usability for users across Asia, Europe, and LATAM, while supporting various international date/time formats.
  • Mentored and helped promote Junior Engineers. Provided guidance in TypeScript and Angular, covering advanced concepts such as RxJS, Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, Modules etc.
  • Acted as a liaison between the design and engineering teams to set realistic design expectations for both sides.

Tampa, FL (Remote) | Feb 2022 - Present
Fullstack Software Engineer

GreenLight IoT

  • Single-handedly orchestrated the design and end-to-end implementation of IOT building management dashboard, utilizing Angular, NgRX, Nestjs, MongoDB, Google Maps API and external geolocation API for address verification.
  • Optimized app performance by 90% via Angular router guards and improved data fetching efficiency using NgRx.
  • Revamped the codebase responsible for displaying IOT devices on HTML canvas by utilizing decorator and strategy patterns, simplifying the process for adding new device variants, mouse interactions, and animations.
  • Lead code reviews, and established and enforced standardized coding practices, including adopting the AirBnb Style guide, leveraging Prettier and ESLint. Introduced Figma into the SDLC, promoting a design-first approach.
  • Demonstrated expertise in RXJS, NGRX, Nestjs, and UI design, emerging as the go-to resource in the team.

Tampa, FL (Remote) | Sep 2020 - Feb 2022

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